Specific business information

■ Sales Company

Epics Inc.

■ Representative

Tetsuji Yamamoto

■ Location

2-13-13 Nihonbashi-kayabacho, Chuo-ku, 103-0025 Tokyo, Japan

■ Telephone Number


■ Sales Price

When making a purchase each time, pricing will be displayed.

■ Non-sales related pricing

Charges may apply when communicating

■ Payment Methods

Payment depends on the terminal used.
iPhone/iPod touch/iPad: Apple Store charges
Android:Google Check-Out payment charges apply

■ Delivery Times

Right after your purchase is completed

■ Return Policy

Due to the unique characteristics of digital content, after purchase confirmed, returns, exchanges are not permitted.

■ compatible models

Android or iPhone/iPod touch/iPad device is required to use the service.
Concerning capacity and OS version requirements, * Please check each app’s official site for the operating environment.

■ contact