Regarding each page

My page/マイページ

it is the main page to move from.
You can move to Play, Shop and any other page from here.

move to Information from admin.

move to your profile page.

Avatar Change
move to avatar change page.
please check about Avatar Change at HELP page “about each page” > “avatar change”


move to the tournament list currently open.

move to the Gacha list currently active.

move to shop

move to Gear Getting, Dressing room and other functions.”


You can purchase items here by press the orange “購入”(purchase) button.

“所持数” means number of the items which you own.

“コイン不足” means that your coin (G) is short.

“キャンセル” means to “Cancel” to purchase.

[Recommended section/日替わり]
It is a shop full of recommended items.

Play tickets and caddy tickets are sold here.

This is the actual ball used for hole play that is being sold.

Clubs (and gear) are sold here.

[Power items/パワーアイテム]
Power items available hole play are sold.

Avatar parts, such as clothes and hairstyles, are sold here.

G are sold here in order to purchase G items.

Special gift item to give are sold here.
* Exclusive gift items cannot be used for your own use.”


This a page will help to set up your equipment to take to the course and Club.

Select the ball to be used for the course.

Select the clubs to beused for the course.


This is where possession items are stored.
There is no retention limit.

You can select items, sell or gift items from this section.
* Please note that there are some items you cannot sell, and some items you cannot gift. There may also be a limit on the number of times you can gift.

Tamatomo(Golf Buddy)/球とも

This is the golf companion page in the Champion’s Golf.
You can look for your buddies in the Tamatomo page.


This is the place to store the items received as gifts from friends as well as awards from operator.

※ Maximum retention time is 1 week, and only 1 item can be stored.


This is where archived messages with other users are stored.

Ranking (World Ranking)/ランキング(世界ランキング)

players. The higher the ranking, the better your results in competition, resulting in showing a higher level of ability. There are 4 different types of rankings.

[Annual Ranking/年間ランキング]
Ranked in world ranking points earned over one year.

[Seasonal rankings/シーズンランキング]
3 months of world ranking points
Season ranking periods are as follows.
Season 1: April-June
Season 2: July-September
Season 3: October-December
Season 4: January-March

[Monthly rankings/月間ランキング]
Ranked in world ranking points during the month.

[Weekly rankings/週間ランキング]
Ranked in world ranking points in one week from Monday to Sunday.

World ranking points will be awarded and accumulated as you finish higher in competitions.
The amount of World Ranking points added will depend on the competition and how high you finish.

Standings in the competition earn world ranking points. In each competition, the details page “event type” will show you how many point you may earn for winning the event. Of course, big competitions can award more world ranking points.
With this in mind, enter competitions and gain more world ranking points!
(May also hold “guerrilla” bonus competitions in addition to daily competitions from which you can also get world ranking points. )

In addition, according to your annual ranking, you may earn a particular title title!

[Title list/称号一覧]
1st place: World Champion
2-10th place: Champions class
11-100th place: Top Pro
101-500th place: Class A Tour Pro
501-1000th place: Class B Tour Pro
1001-2000th place: Tour Pro C Class
2001-3000th place: Professional
3001-6000th place: Class A Amateur
6001-10000th place: Amateur B Class
10001-15000th place: Amateur C Class
15001-20000th place: Rookie
20001th Beginner

Rise from the competition and aim for World Champion!
* World rank has been reset from 1/1/2015. Therefore, current world rank reflects results only from the year 2015.


Announcement from the game organizers.
Important announcements, or issues will appear here.


This page is to explain the varoius performing adjustment settings.
You can adjust the volume of the BGM.
You can adjust the volume of the SE.
You can change the button arrangement of gear selection, etc. to be displayed on the playing screen.

Avatar change/アバターチェンジ

In this system, you can create multiple avatars in one account.
You can go to your page and go to ‘Avatar Change’ and make changes or alterations.
It becomes possible to participate using avatars change in either gender, which make you eligible for tournaments with specific criteria, such as a ladies tournament.
Multiple avatars can exist in the same account and can share data (except for certain data, see below).

[Can be shared]
Power items
Play tickets
Golf tickets
-Gift items
[What you cannot share]
-Avatar specific items
-Presents to give to others
-Ranking results

※When you first create your first extra avatar you can only create an avatar of the opposite sex only.
※ Even if you have created multiple avatars, your login bonus is only 1 time a day.

Box Gacha/ボックスガチャ

Unlike normal Gacha, the Gacha maximum item quantity is limited.
Each time, one Gacha item is reduced, but it is possible to get all the items in the Gacha contents.
When all the Gacha comtents have been depleted, the contents will reset and the remaining number of Gacha returns to its initial count.

You can also press the reset button located at the bottom, remaining number of Gacha to its initial count.

Remaining quantity and maximum number are displayed under each item in the items list.

Special Gacha/特殊ガチャ

For each predetermined step, there is a surprise Gacha awarded

○ Sheet Gacha
There are two types of bonus notice sheet Gacha and bonus sheet Gacha.
Please check which of the sheet Gacha or the description of each of the Gacha.

■ extra seat Gacha
Bonus prizes in the 3 × 3 squares have been specified.
One square from the sheet will be selected at random each time you pull the Gacha.
Prize of that square can be immediately claimed.
The sheet is reset when all the squares have been uncovered.
※ New sheet will open from the second time and subsequent Gacha times

■ Bonus notice sheet Gacha
Bonus prizes in the 3 × 3 squares have been specified.
One square from the sheet will be selected at random each time you pull the Gacha.
Prize of that square can be immediately claimed.
The sheet is reset when all the squares have been uncovered.
※ New sheet will open from the second time and subsequent Gacha times


This is where messages from operator appear as well as your Tamatomo.
You can see further details by tapping visible notice.

Can post messages and post messages that everyone can read.
If you like your friend’s messages, you can “nice” them here as well.


You can coordinate avatar’s clothes.
Avatar items can be obtained by purchasing at Avatar Shop or winning reward at competition.
Avatar items that you can not put on it will not be displayed


You can communicate with other players in this page.
You can move to Timeline/Tamatomo page.


If you finish your user registration, you can transfer your data to your new account. You can also register or change the data in order to receive our newsletter. To complete the user registration, you need an email address. After you finish your registration, you will receive an email. Please validate the URL in the email to complete your user registration. If you don’t finish your user registration, you are not able to transfer your data. You will receive our newsletter to your registered email address. If you do not wish to receive our newsletter, you can always cancel it from the “Settings” on “Menu. “


You can check the achievements of Champion’s Golf.
Achievements are recorded in Game Center for iOS, Google Play Games for Android.

You need to login to Game Center or Google Play Games to view the achievements.
you can not view the achievement without login or app.

Regarding the game system

About the tournament types/大会種別について

There are two classifications of tournaments, team competitions and competitions.
Each will require the use of a “Play Ticket” in order to participate.

Team competition/団体戦について

It’s a group competition. You should join the existing group or you can form a group.
If your team get in the higher rankings, every member of your team will receive an award. *The number of players who will receive a prize will differ depending on the competition you are participating.
* You will not receive a prize if you didn’t participate in the game at all after joining the team.


Competion is the tournament in which compete with users on specified conditions of each tournament.
You can get rewards by winning the competition.

※the border line of the winning position varies by competition.
※in some kinds of competition, ranking will be decided by anything other than point/score.

Rules of Competion will be one of follows.
※occasionally competion will have combination of those rules.

Tournament kind/大会種別
Ranking is decided by best score and points.

Ranking is decided by cumulative points.

Count of Pars[パー大会]/Birdies[バーディ大会]/Eagles[イーグル大会]/Hole in Ones[ホールインワン大会]
Ranking is decided by count of specified cup in.

Near the pin[ニアピン大会]
Ranking is decided by total points of 10 shots.
the closer to the pin, the more points.

Special features/特殊条件
Strong wind[強風]/no wind[無風]
wind setting is strong or no wind

Big cup[ビックカップ]
Cup size is bigger than the normal cup.

Fixed Gears[ギア固定]
Gear Setting is fixed with competition specified gears

Unlimited items[アイテム無制限]
All items can be used for free without any limitation.

No items[アイテムなし]
Use of any items are restricted.

Daily competition complete/デイリーコンペコンプリート

In addition to the scheduled competition, which is held at certain periods, there is also a “daily competition” held every day.

Regarding the shot/ショットについて

“A shot is made by determining its “”direction””, “”sweetspot location””, “”power”” and “”impact””.
The direction can be adjusted by tapping the triangle icon.
When you press the SHOT button you will make adjustments to point of contact.”

Regarding where to hit the ball/ボールの打点

[1.point of contact] Hitting top of the ball gives top spin on it, and hitting under the ball gives back spin.

Power gauge/パワーゲージ

“[1.Power Gauge] After deciding the point of contact, Power gauge will be displayed and decide the power of the shot.
the longer the power gauge extends, the further the shot goes.
[2.Flag] Flag on the power gauge is a reference of the distance to the cup.
It is only the rough estimation, so please read wind direction or lay of the land then decide the power of the shot.”

Impact gauge/インパクトゲージ

“[1.Impact Gauge] After deciding the power, Impact gauge will be displayed.
Hitting the red part of the gauge maximizes the power of the shot.
The shot will curve by hitting orange part which is at right or left side of the red area.
Left … Fade (curves right)”

Zoom and 3D button/ZOOMと3Dボタン

“To view the hole, select the “”ZOOM”” and “”3D”” buttons to change the viewpoint.

ZOOM … looking down into hole, three-stages
3D … Provides 3D perspective”

Regarding hole out/ホールアウトについて

“This screen will confirm your score after finishing a hole or at end of a round, as well as confirm purchases.

Check your score or earn points, confirm number of remaining balls.
When you select the “”HOLE OUT””, you can start over from the beginning.
※ If you start over from the beginning, you will consume a play ticket.

You can check the score.

Regarding the play ticket/プレイチケットについて

You need the play ticket to join the competition.
The number of the tickets depends on which competition you are joining.
The play ticket will be added to your account everyday, but you can purchase it at the shop, too.
Also, you can purchase a play ticket including a rental golf club which you can use for one round of the game.
Please note that there are some competitions which you can not use the ticket with the club.

Regarding the ball/ボールについて

“Concerning the number of balls you can take to the course.
You are allowed to take 6 balls with you, however in the case of missed shots, you will lose one ball (balls lost out of bounds or water hazards).
Lose all six balls during the course and it will be game over.
Each time the course begins, if there is a set limit of balls, the count will be replenished automatically.
When there are no remaining balls, it is possible to buy more in the shop.

※ Distance balls and series spin balls cannot be set at the same time.”

Regarding points/ポイントについて

“Depending on the shot to the hole, you may earn points.
The points you earn will determine your ranking and at the same time, you can use points in the shop.

※ Depending on the tournament, there are some events that do not use points to determine ranki”

Rearding G/コイン(G)について

This coin is needed to purchase and pay items.

Regarding the caddy/キャディについて

If you take your caddy with you to the course, you are able to control (weaken) the effects of the wind. You need a caddy ticket when you take your caddy to the course. Your caddy will assist you for 18 holes.

Regarding power items/パワーアイテムについて

Power items provide a variety of effects.
Items can be set up to a maximum of 3 at the same time per shot.

Power item types are listed below.

・Power Shot / SP Shot
Extends distance of your shot.

・Power Spin / SP Spin
Adds a strong spin
※The shot must have backspin in order for it to have any effect.

・Easy Shot
Makes it easier to hit a nice shot.

・Lob Shot / SP Lob
Sets higher trajectory and becomes more susceptible to wind resistance.

・Punch Shot
Sets lower trajectory and less susceptible to wind resistance.

・Calm Shot
Will give you one shot with a calm wind.
※ Trying to use multiple calm shots at once will only have the effect of using one calm shot.

・Multi Shot
Produces the effect power shots, power spin, easy shots at the same time.

Regarding Avatar/アバターについて

Your player is your alter ego.
You can purchase items in the avatar shop, coordinate its style and image to your liking.
In addition, it is possible to possess more than one avatar in the avatar change function.

Green conditions/グリーンコンディション

This is concerning the ease of the ball rolling on the green, and it is set for each competition.
There are three major levels: Amateur, Tournament, and Masters levels.

Amateur ☆ ☆
On the slowest greens, balls rolls exactly according to the navigation.

Tournament ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
A faster green than the amateur green.
Ball shifts a little bit from the navigation.

Masters ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
Even faster than the tournament green.
Deviation and roll from the navigation is even greater.

What is pair competition/ペアコンペについて

“Rules around 18 H, in cooperation with peacompe.
Ranking is determined by the total scores for two.

* Pair competition is two players working together to complete 18 holes.
The combined scores will count for ranking points.
If player does not have a partner, it is possible to enter, but points will not count towards ranking.

There are two ways to find partners.
-Become the leader (by invitation), send invitations
-Receive an invitation, become a partner

※ You cannot form a pair among the avatars of the same account.

[Send a invitation]
It is possible to send invitations if you are the leader (by invitation).
Send invitation by inviting within the parameters you are recruiting for.

-Tamatomo only invites
From partners and Tamatomo, you can also choose to send invite.
And any invite you send will appears in the timeline.

Invite Anyone
You can recruit anyone to play.
It does not appear on the time line, it will be displayed in the partner selection screen.
It is also possible to invite and select Tamatomo.

[Receive an Invitation]
only if you do not have a partner, you will be able to receive the invitation from other users.
Also, in the case you do not have a partner, it is also possible to receive an invitation if you quit as the leader.
However Please Note, if you received the invitation and have quit as the leader, your performance up to now as a player before receiving the invitation will be deleted.

In cooperation with two people, Aim to win! !”

What is clubs/クラブについて

“Clubs (or clubset) is necessary to play golf.
Easiness, distance or other properties vary by clubs.
You can change club settings at the setting page.

You can get clubs at the shop or by winning reward of tournaments.

Clubs can be gifted only once and gifted clubs become unable to gift.
Please be careful when you send them to Tamatomo.”

Bithday Notice Function/誕生日おしらせ機能

This is a birthday notice function.
If you register your birthday and make it public until the day before your birthday, your Tamatomo will receive a message on your birthday.
Furthermore, a birthday competition will be held for you and your Tamatomo only.

A birthday boy/girl user will receive a present if you or any of your other team members completes the mission at the competition.
Join the competition and send your Tamatomo a present.

* If you don’t want to make your birthday public, please undo the checkbox of “Publish your birthday settings” at the “Settings” > “Menu.” by the day before your birthday. *


Stickers are the items that you can use for your timeline, messages, and a message board.
You can use them from the “Stickers Button” on the left side of a (text) message screen.
You can use the stickers as many times as you like. Stickers are the items which will not be shared when you change your avatar.

Block Funcion/ブロック機能について

This SNS service allows the Champion’ s Golf users to communicate and interact with each other.

We offer this service for your friendly competition or cooperation during the team competition.

Most of the users follow the rules and keep good manners to enjoy the SNS, but sometimes, the troubles such as being attacked by other users or bad-mouthed are inevitable.
To avoid these troubles or situations, most of the SNS have a function called Block. If you block someone, you will never see this person in your SNS again.
You are not able to send or receive messages or gifts, and also follow or be followed by this person.

Transfer Function/引き継ぎ機能について

“How to transfer your information: By registered email address: You can transfer your data by your registered email address and password.
* Please note that you can transfer through this only if you complete your user registration.

1 Install Champion’s Golf App to your new device.
2 Tap “” Transfer Data “”button in the pop up dialogue.
3. Tap “”Email Address”” button 4 After entering your email address and password you used for the user registration, tap “”Transfer Data”” button.

If you forget your password, tap “”Reissue Password”” button to enter your email address used for the user registration.
If the your email address is confirmed, new password will be sent to your email address.
* By transfer code ( after ver2.2) You can transfer your data through a transfer code.
The transfer code will be issued at “”Menu””>””User Registration.”” Your transfer code will be valid only for one time.
If you use it once, please reissue it. (to transfer???) *How to transfer the data

1. Install Champion’s Golf app to your new device.
2 Tap “”Transfer Data”” button in the pop up dialogue.
3 Tap “”Code Transfer”” button.
4 Tap “”Transfer Data”” button after entering “”Transfer Code.”” If you forget your transfer code, please try it by your email address.

Please note that you can not transfer your data If you haven’t finished your user registration.

If you have trouble transferring your data, go to “”Help”” to contact us. “


“It is a group that users can form. 20 people at maximum can join the group to play together.
* Join the Guild. How to joining the Guild.

Form the Guild. You can form your new Guild.
The person who forms the Guild will be a “”Master. “” The conditions for forming a Guild are as follows.
You have to wait 18 days after completing your user registration at Champion’s Golf to form a new Guild.
It should be more than a day passed after you closed your previous Guild. Currently, you can not change the name of the Guild.
*. You can join the Guild. You can join the existing Guild.

There are some requirements in order to join the Guild.
The requirements are different depending on each Guild.
If you meet the requirements, you can join the Guild.
* Join the Guild and be friends with the other members!
*. Use the message board for the members .

There is a message board which only the Guild members can use.
Please use it for sharing information and communicating with the other Guild members.
Be the strongest Guild at the Guild events!
There are limited items for the Guild events and a Guild gear which will make your golf club stronger! Work together and be the strongest Guild ever!”

Guild Gear/ギルドギアについて

Guild gear is the gear(a golf club) which the Guild members will share. You can raise the level of the gear strength by using the points. The performance of the gear can be upgraded by the Guild members. So, Work together to upgrade the gear and enjoy the game with it. * The performance of the gear will back to the initial condition for every competition.

Guild vs Guild/GvGについて

GvG(Guild vs Guild) is the daily competition during the event. You will fight for the points to get into the higher rankings. Players in the higher rankings will get an “Exchange Ticket” which you can use to exchange for the various items. * Join the daily competition. The daily competition will be held form 6pm to 12 am during the event. Your competitor will be chosen at 3 pm automatically. Therefore, the Guild formed after 3 pm will have to start the next day. Players should use “Guild Gear” to play the round ands get the points. Aim to be the winner Guild on the final day. If the number of the Guild is odd, NPC team” Mystery ChanGoru Group” will come to join. * Ranking Points: The points you get at the daily competition: When you win, you will get 1 ranking point for the 1000 score. When you lose, you will get 1 ranking point for the 2000 score. The point will be added to the Guild. Please note that 5 ranking points will be deducted if you don’t join the game when you have the opponents. *Ranking point will not be less than 0.


You can check the achievements of Champion’s Golf.
Achievements are recorded in Game Center for iOS, Google Play Games for Android.

You need to login to Game Center or Google Play Games to view the achievements.
you can not view the achievement without login or app.