Terms and Conditions

Article 1 Terms

1. Epics Co.,(hereinafter called “the company”) to provide customers (hereinafter referred to as “user”) application and accompanying services (collectively, the “services”) available to the user, agree to the following terms (hereinafter referred to as “terms”) and assumes consent on the use of service.

2. This service is available to users 13 years or older. Use this service to another user, if it is a person with limited capacity or minors (under the age of 20) for example, will require the consent to the terms under the consent of the legal representative (parents, guardians, etc.).

Article 2 Change of Terms

1. Without prior notice to you, to change the terms. Modified terms are effective when posted on the service. Regardless of if the user was a new or continuing user after changing the terms of service, you agree to the modified terms and conditions.

2. If you do not consent to the changes made to this agreement, user shall cease use of the service. In this case user has already purchased service, no refunds for goods already consumed will be redeemable for cash, exchange, return, etc.

Article 3 Service Provisions

1. User’s paid services and paid content, etc. (as stated in Article 8, hereinafter, collectively, as “paid services”) unless service is indicated as a paid service, the service is available free. However, telecommunication charges associated with use of the service (including provider charges the same as) is the burden of the user.

2. For maintenance purposes and other related servicing, the company, can ,with or without prior notice, stop part or all of the service at any time.

3. Our company cannot guarantee that no failures or other service interruptions may occur.

Article 4 Termination of Services

After notification to user, we can terminate part or all of the service, or cancel the service at any time. If user wishes to terminate this service, their purchased points, paid services,etc.(hereinafter referred to as “paid points”) shall expire and be rendered useless.

Article 5 User’s Responsibilities and Obligations

Per use of these services, user shall bear responsibilities and obligations for the following items.

(1) Users shall use the services of their own responsibility and expense; the company shall not be responsible for any matters of any user concerning the service.

(2) Users shall comply with this terms and conditions of this service, and comply with the company’s defined rules and manners.

(3) In order to use this service, all required terminals, equipment, software, and data service shall be prepared by the user, at the user’s own risk and expense.

(4) Regarding user’s use of service, user must accurately and honestly register their personal information into the service, and it is the user’s responsibility to provide timely and accurate changes to personal information when necessary. Also, should damage occur to users for registration and input information that is inaccurate or false, the company is not liable for any damages.

(5) We manage and use information provided by user accounts, passwords and other user information (collectively, the “user information”) with utmost care and proper management.

(6) User information is for use by the registered user, we do allow third parties to transfer, rent or use such information.

(7) If it is found that a third party has been enabled to use stolen or discovered information, if such acts threaten the proper use of the services and conditions of this agreement, the user shall promptly notify us thereof. If the leaked user information is found to be by user negligence, the company bears no liability or responsibility for any damages to user.

(8) Per user agreement in the use of the service, and laws and regulations concerning intellectual property rights such as copyrights, trademarks, publicity rights, privacy rights, publicity rights, and other related laws and regulations, user abides by and endeavors to protect such intellectual property.

Article 6 User Information and Data Handling

1. If service is terminated, the company will stop using the end user’s personal information, user information and content data (regardless of paid or free of charge), (collectively,”user data”). Furthermore, there will be no obligation to continue to retain any previously collected information.

2. The company reserves the right, without prior notice, to change the user data within the service, as well as delete, or move it. Also, in regards to user data, the company holds no responsibility for the deletion, transfer of such information.

3. Regarding the handling of personal information, we will abide according to our privacy policy.

Article 7 Notifications

1. Users will be contacted by either push notification, or to the email address which the user has specified. If for any reason user does not receive notifications from the company, such as configuration errors in the specified user’s email address, phone number misconfiguration, communication failures, other failures, the company shall not be responsible for any loss of profits from such errors.

2. The company shall be allowed to send advertising messages to our registered users email addresses and through our email magazine(including advertising). To stop receiving such information, you must follow the procedures to stop advertising. However, certain service and management announcements from the company shall be allowed and have no limit.

Article 8 Paid Services

1. The company may provide additional paid services within the main service.

2. Purchased points are available in the market such as available through Google play or App store. At the same time, paid points may be used for paid services within the service.

3. When using paid services, depending on the payment providers, online payment system operators user device, such as Google play, App store and other carriers, settlement company (hereinafter, collectively, settlement business), sometimes will require us to abide by their rules. This may cause provisions that contradict the terms of this content which are not included in the provisions of this agreement.

4. If using the paid service, any dispute arising between the user and payment operators are the responsibility of the user to resolve this. The company shall not have any responsibility.

5. Except as required by law, after confirmed use of paid services, consumed products cannot be returned for refund or exchanged.

Article 9 Pay Service Use Restrictions

1. You may set the limit for paid services available for users. In this case, users cannot use paid services beyond the limits set.

2. When performing the use of such pay service must use pay point be designated within the service terms and conditions of service, pay point is consumed.

3. Also available only in service unless we expressly purchased the user pay points is that and are not available in the other services.

4. Users cannot pay point purchased to provide, transfer, lend, pledge, seize collateral to a third party.

5. Registered users cancel, stop, our discretion cancellation measures have been taken, said user has with such measures pay point will be revoked.

Article 10 Prohibited

1. In order to use the services, the following acts are prohibited, irrespective of their degree.

(1) Antisocial or immoral behavior, any other acts that may violate the laws and regulations

(2) indecent or violent expression

(3) a meeting and date site

(4) acts of discrimination and abuse against other users

(5) use of the service for political, religious reasons

(6) use the services for advertising, sales and commercial activities

(7) acts designed to spoof others

(8) unauthorized access to the service in communication jamming alteration, erasure, information seizure

(9) the modification of program services in the analysis, reverse compile, disassemble, reverse engineer action

(10) cash in the real world, paid services were obtained through the service, cash and also for other users or a third party which act to attract and recruit

(11) the details above or external site URL setting connecting to character names, other users known falsify

(12) the Act deemed inappropriate by the company

2. If you think any of the above have been violated, the company may cancel and delete the user’s service access, user data, including user-created data, at the discretion of the company. These measures we shall be to any for users and these measures causing damage to the user or the company shall not be responsible for any.

Article 11 Disclaimer

1. We do not guarantee full conformity of any user’s purpose, motive for use, full compatibility with user’s equipment

2. We do not provide refunds, replacements, exchanges, etc. even if user has already paid for such.

3. Regarding the information obtained through the services, the company shall not be responsible for the completeness, accuracy, usefulness, etc. of such information.

4. Any issues between the user and third parties, shall not be the burden of the company’s, and any cost and responsibility to remedy the situation are the responsibility of the user. The company does not assume any responsibility.

5. In regards to use of the service (including any changes in each provision of this agreement, ie changes, additions or termination) the company shall have no liability for damages to the user.

Article 12 Intellectual Property Rights

Regardless of all (including user data generated by the use of the service, etc.) or part of the services, copyright and any other intellectual property rights (including trademark rights, design rights, patents and utility model rights and know-how, not limited to) belong to the company, or the legitimate rights holder.

Article 13 Agreement of Jurisdiction and Applicable Law

1. Should there be any dispute, it is agreed that such matters will be settled and have jurisdiction in Tokyo District Court No. 1.

2. This agreement and terms are governed by Japanese Law.